After-sale Service

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•We will offer you half and one warranty year.

•In gurantee period, our party will offer different kinds of parts and fittings free of expense and free service unless the damager is caused by artificial factor.

•For the technology and technical matters appeared in operation process of equipment, we shall answer and handle them within 24 hours after receiving customers phone call or fax notice.

•When existing different opinion to equipment, our party will appoint person to know the reason for apperaing poor quality problem within 3 days. If quality disqualification is actually caused by malfunction in production, our company will carry out compensation or replacement according to the provision in contract. If the problem of machine fault, ect caused by misoperation of user's worker, our company will make great effort for assistance till satisfaction of customers.

•Track service for life. For equipments with over a year of guarantee period, we merely take the cost price of parts when exchanging the spoilage parts.Perform free service and regularly collect operation information and proposal about the equipment in written form so as to improve the quality of our products.

•If you becom our sole and general agent, we will offer you our maket protection to promote your sale volume.