Wireless Outdoo Dual PIR Sensor with Waterproof Design and Lithium Battery

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Name: Wireless Outdoo Dual PIR Sensor with Waterproof Design and Lithium Battery

Model: HT-8080-5H

Adopts dual microprocessor technology for unnecessary false alarm
Automatic temperature compensation, high detecting sensitivity
Built-in anti-tamper
Multiple waterproof design; Strong stealing; Good waterproof effect
Free rotary structure design allowing detecting angle adjustable freely
Low power indicator for users to change new battery timely
Timed self-checking: it will send self-checking signal to alarm panel every 30 hours (Note: it should work with specified alarm panel)
Pet Immunity:10KG
Large inside space for easy installation and operation
Super anti-outdoor sunlight function and white-light immunity
Supports external independent power supply
Low-power consumption design
Battery life (Lithium battery) for 2-3 years

Power Supply:Lithium battery:DC 3.6V/1200mAh
External Power Adaptor:DC 69V/100mA
Static Current:80uA
Working Current:10mA
Detecting Angle:110
Detecting Distance:810m (Indoor:25)
Transmitting Distance:300500m (In open area)
Low Power Indicator:2.8V
Direction adjustment: 80(Left/Right)/40(Tilt angle)
3 detecting sensitivity: H/M/L
Installation Height: 23.5 /2.5m (Ideal)
Detecting Interval:1-8 seconds/2-60 seconds
Response Time:3 seconds
Warm-up Time:30 seconds
Alarm Output:N/O
Double Anti-sunlight: 30000LUX
Pet-immunity weight:10KG
IP Rating:IP65
Working Temperature: -20~55

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